David NazworthI am David Nazworth, a Canadian-American who has traveled the Americas and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Marketing at the University of Alabama. I received a Bachelor of Arts International Studies (an interdisciplinary degree built from a broad array of courses in Economics, Geography, Political Science, Anthropology, History, and Foreign Languages). While an undergraduate student, I spent eight months studying Portuguese in the massive and enchanting city of São Paulo, Brazil. During my last year of undergraduate study I worked full-time in cellular sales (surpassing half a million dollars in sales in under nine months) and completed research on the historical importance of cachaça liquor to Brazilian society – all the while strengthening my GPA to graduate with the highest Latin honor, summa cum laude.

Through my work, educational, and international experience I have proven to be an excellent team leader who can drive results, solve problems, and generate value with creativity and energy. I communicate clearly, think with an open mind, and lead with understanding. I am a self-starter and owner who thrives under pressure.

I love beauty and search for it in every space and moment. When I have time to spare, I play with light and space in mixed-media sculpting. When I’m busy, I take photographs – lots of them. I keep constantly abreast of global events and avidly devour The Economist, BBC, and NPR. I make good food, starting my days with dark coffee and ending them with red wine. Nothing puts me more at peace than walks in the rain and kayaks on the water. I am forever ready to learn, travel, and broaden my world.